“...your help was spot-on and got us through some difficult decisions, gave us the feedback we needed. It was timely and cost effective”

Joe McClosky, Bob Ruth Ford

“I valued Tom’s judgment and business acumen. He could visualize and define what success would look like and work effectively to find solutions. I found Tom to be a trusted advisor and always supportive. He raised the (leadership) development bar considerably for which I am deeply grateful.”

Nate Douty, vice president human resources

“Tom uses his analytical skills and compassion to steer you in the direction that ensures success. He uses the most current, reliable and valid assessment instruments to guide the experience. His thoroughness and wisdom allow young and experienced managers to see beyond the daily grind to what it takes to elevate to the next level.”

Laura Woodburn, director, Hershey Entertainment Complex

“Tom’s personalized approach enabled me to move quickly from a functional position within the hotel industry to the general management position of our golf club operation. His assessments, coaching and insights were very essential to me in making the transition.”

Renee Holloman, general manager, Hershey Country Club

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