Coaching with Talent BuildersThere are four assessments that bring extreme clarity to who a person is:     

  • A Five Factor Model of personality;    
  • A Competence Report on 54 business capabilities;     
  • A Values assessment;     
  • And a 360 Perception Survey

Combined, they give us approximately an 80 percent understanding of a person’s normal behavior.

Whether used to help a manager with high potential avoid derailment or assist a struggling employee, when combined with Tom’s seasoned savvy the assessments provide the insights needed for prescriptive development plans.

Coaching is appreciated by top talent, who understand that senior leadership is investing in them and sees them as a person of promise. A coach also provides executives with a unique conversation partner who can provide the kind of feedback not available elsewhere.


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Studies have shown that traditional interviews only give us about 2 percent of what we need to know about a person to determine if they’re right for a particular job. Talent Builders removes the guesswork by using behavioral assessment tools that measure an individual’s Capacity of Competencies.

We look at 54 business competencies and measure a person’s strength in each area. Among the competencies that are extracted from the personality report are an individual’s capacity for leadership; interpersonal skill; management of people; management of process; professional development; sales; self-management; work mechanics; and emotional intelligence.

These competencies can be grouped according to which ones are important for a particular position, providing substantial and relevant data with which to consider top candidates.


Coaching   |   Team Building   |   Culture Change   |   Succession

Helping leaders realize their potential

Helping the team build respect for the differences among themselves requires that each member come to know all the others. Similar to individual coaching, personality and values play an enormous role in the dynamics. We can measure differences in values on the individual, group, management and company level. We can diminish or add values that shape the temperament of the organization.

Other survey instruments such as SWOT, or High Performance Teaming, Holmes-Rahe Stress are also used.

Using scientifically based assessment tools, Talent Builders also helps you take action to develop a person, team or an organization that is struggling. Either working one-on-one or with a group of executives, this kind of data-driven performance coaching enables Tom Oliver and Talent Builders to develop specific strategies that will lead to measurable improvement.

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Improving the business culture

Over time companies sometimes find the behaviors and practices in the workplace are standing the way of the firm reaching its full potential. Shifts in corporate culture are subtle, but the impact can run deep. Occasionally, it is advisable to take hold of culture and create one that better supports the needs of the business.

Just as Talent Builders uses an array of analytic tools to help individuals reach their potential, that same approach works in helping a company overcome internal barriers and to create a culture that would be more desirable for the business.

Once the causes of the problem are identified, Talent Builders can offer specific recommendations to move from one culture to another.


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Choosing the leaders tomorrow

Identifying and nurturing talent is one of the most important strategic initiatives an organization can undertake. Companies spend considerable time and money developing the people they believe will lead the organization in the future – it’s a task that’s too important to be left to chance.

Many times firms know who the best prospects are for internal promotion. The important next step is helping these key people grow in business savvy and prepare for increased levels of responsibility.

By using a new class of assessments and surveys that look at personality, values and perception, Talent Builders gives you hard data to quantify the best of your best. We then help you by designing growth experiences that expand their knowledge of the business and test desired behaviors so that they are sufficiently mature so as to avoid adversely impacting their careers or the business.


Coaching   |   Selection   |   Team Building   |   Culture Change

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